Filigree & more! ~ offers American-made raw brass
    filigree and stampings.  It can be used to embellish
    altered art, books, and scrapbooks.  It can be added
    to beading, book art, cold connections, jewelry,
    polymer clay, and more!  Raw brass can be patinaed
    in a variety of colors, enameled, lacquered, or plated
    to enhance its beauty.  
    We want to share this dynamic design element
    with you for use in your creations.  We look
    forward to your business.
    Filigree and all our other products are available at our store in ~
                                  Creative Journey Studios,
    located at 115 East Main Street, Suite A1B, Buford, Georgia.  Check our
    Other Products page and contact us if you need additional information.

    Always in stock . . .

    Pardo Translucent
    Premo Cobalt Blue
    Premo Zinc Yellow

    TO ORDER . . .

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    At this time, the easiest way to place an order is to email
    us at  -- or call 404-314-5767
    and talk with us directly.